AB Control Middle East is a supplier of complete automated control systems for technological processes, especially for water treatment facilities, constructions & pipeline distribution systems.

We realize proposals, drawing up projects, supplies of complete automation and low-voltage electric system for:

  • Desalination - reverse osmosis station
  • Drinking water treatment plant
  • Municipal sewage treatment plant
  • Industrial waste water treatment


Management and maintenance of existing water plants:

Care for proper operation, application of required changes or deviations into existing control system, regular maintenance, timely service in case of breakdown

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Development, Engineering, Design, On-Key supply of new water plants

Our team analyze requirements for designing solutions, create project documentation and then builds, on years of experience creating a functioning control and monitoring system from a world-renowned manufacturer, supplies, assembles and launches sophisticated systems for water treatement plants


Control systems from the world's leading manufacturers (Siemens, Rockwell Automation, GE PACSystems, Emerson)

Software - for control systems incl. SCADA/HMI applications

Data transmission, communication, archiving

Field instrumentation

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